Emily A. Danchuk, Esq.


Rate Sheet

My Rate Sheet

Typically lawyers bill for their services on an hourly basis.  I strive to provide my clients with high quality product at reasonable prices and to give accurate estimations for specific projects.  I do not bill for minimal costs, such as regular postage and printing expenses nor do I charge my clients for overhead expenses.

Hourly Rates:

For all hourly rate work (not including copyright/trademark application filings)  :  $250/hour
For all litigation work (including practicing before the TTAB)  :  $300/hour


U.S. Trademarks
*Filing of Trademark Applications (Flat fees*):

  • Up to 3 International Classes :  $400/application
  • 4-6 International Classes   :   $600/application
  • 7+ International Classes   :   $1,000/application

USPTO Filing Fee   :   $225-$325/Int’l Class

8 & 15 Declaration Filing Fee   :   $400 Flat Fee
USPTO Filing Fee   :   $325/Int’l Class

Renewal Filing Fee   :   $400 Flat Fee
USPTO Filing Fee   :   $425/Int’l Class

I charge my billable rate ($250/hour) for the following trademark-related work:

  • Trademark availability searching
  • Trademark application prosecution (such as responding to Office Actions)
  • Trademark docketing and maintenance

*My flat fee for a trademark filing includes development of the application information (such as an identification of goods, first dates of use in commerce, advisement and counsel for best manner of filing, and specimen integration), filing of the application, and a report letter to the client confirming the trademark filing.  Further prosecution of the application past the filing stage, including status report letters, trademark docketing and maintenance services are billed at my hourly rate.


Copyright Application Filing   :   $140/application
Copyright Office’s Filing Fee   :   $35-$55/application*

*Copyright application filing fees vary; if an individual person is filing for one work, the filing fee is $35/application.  For all other applications (including company/entity filings, or individual filings for two or more works under the applications), the filing fee is $55/application.